About Alfie

To achieve success is not an easy thing, and to maintain that success is even harder. But it can be done, even when you have not been born with a silver spoon in the mouth.

I was born of humble origins and raised in a Romany Gypsy family. I say with pride that I am a self-made man. I studied at the “University of Life” and started from scratch.

Coming from a struggling background and a minority group gave me an even bigger desire to succeed. As a Gypsy, I had to face many obstacles and prejudices but I never allowed them to ruin my ambitions and dreams. Instead, I took those negative prejudices and turned them into positives by surrounding myself with a diverse and multicultural team.

I try to manage my businesses as a real leader. I know all my employees by name and I love meeting all my residents as often as I can.

I believe that the most important thing in life is to be surrounded by the right people and I like to practice a very hands-on approach by motivating my team to fight our battles side by side.

That’s why I invest a great deal in the well-being of my teams in all the businesses that I own. My focus is on hiring the right person for the right jobs and I am personally involved in the whole process. I truly believe that to invest in people is the best investment you can make – therefore I always say that I never invest in businesses, I invest in people.

When driving my businesses forward, I never ask someone to do something I wouldn’t do myself. I’m always looking for new businesses to invest in and add value to. Over the years, I have become a specialist in buying up businesses that are struggling, turning them around, and making them profitable again.

I started working at the age of 8 years old with my father by tarmacking roads. I started my own business at the age of 14, buying and selling cars and vans. I then quickly moved on, and during the 1990’s, becoming the owner of several mobile phone stores across London. Armed with some experience and my unique business style, I then started the business that has completely changed my life. I decided to invest in something that is a second nature to me – caravans. In 2001, I bought my very first mobile home park in Romford – Lakeview Residential Park – for £1.7million. Now, in 2023, I own over 100 mobile home parks as well as a golf course and a football club.

“With his visionary leadership, he even managed to turn one of the worst recessions we’ve ever had into something positive. Within an environment where people started increasingly looking for downsizing but struggling to sell their homes, he looked at ways to facilitate that, by setting up a part-exchange scheme. This is the key to how Alfie Best works: he looks into a problem and finds a solution, usually working towards turning the problem into an opportunity.”

Today, Wyldecrest Parks is valued at over 1 billion pounds. The business has won multiple awards, including the Park Home Operator of the year 2021-22 (earlier for 2019-20 as well) Essex TVs Business of the year award, and the 2015 London Loves Excellence Retail & Property Business Award.

It is now the biggest and largest park home operator in Europe, with over 100 residential and holiday mobile home parks in its portfolio. It is the only park home operator in the country which is ISO 9001 accredited and the only one which has a nationwide portfolio, with sites spread across England, Scotland and Wales.

Alongside Wyldecrest Parks, I have invested in various businesses within the hospitality, events, and finance industries: Best Park Home Finance, Kyoto Clearance, Wyldecrest Events – to name but a few. I have created the Wyldecrest Charitable Trust as well.

90% perspiration and 10% inspiration is my main business philosophy.

“Due to his accurate business vision, strong and inspirational leadership, drive, ambition, persistence, and hands-on approach personality, Alfie Best has achieved the status of a successful entrepreneur and billionaire businessman, respected and admired amongst the most varied circles of people, from different ages, cultures and backgrounds.”