Alfie Best wins Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 Signature Award

Alfie Best won THE SIGNATURE AWARDS 2021 award for the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year 2021’ on Friday, 5th November at an event in London.

He was nominated with 5 others in this category.

“Execution is a much harder task than most people realise. Every company has a rocky beginning. You have to have an insane level of dedication and passion to your company to succeed.

I have to take risks on an everyday basis because it is a part of running a business. Also, one of the ‘uglier’ sides of entrepreneurship is hard work. Really really hard work. Being a successful entrepreneur requires so much hard work that it takes a toll on you – in the end, you will need to be strong both physically and mentally in order to be able to handle it all”

Alfie Best, Chairman, Wyldecrest Group of companies

Congratulations to the entire Wyldecrest Parks team and of course to Alfie for this superb recognition

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