Alfie Best is CEO and Investor in many companies and is well-known for his humble beginnings and his passion for hard work. Some of his more strategic and noted businesses include Wyldecrest Parks, the UK’s largest independent park home operator whose phenomenal growth is a product of Chairman Alfie Best’s personal drive to succeed.

Wyldecrest Parks is Europe’s largest Park home operator, founded in 2001 by Mr. Alfie Best. Since then the company has had phenomenal growth and now successfully owns and manages 75 parks around the whole of UK.

Wyldecrest is in the process of purchasing new parks in the UK and in the USA and has its sights set firmly on being the largest mobile home park operator in the world.

The extraordinary growth is a testament to the vision of Wyldecrest management as well as the constant efforts by the entire team directed at excelling in our field. It is the only ISO 9001 accredited park operator in the UK and the only park operator which has Home Authority agreement with Trading Standards plus a National Primary Authority agreement with Hampshire Fire Service.

Mission statement: Wyldecrest Parks is committed to providing retired and semi-retired people with affordable and attractive homes on mobile home parks.

When he started Wyldecrest Parks, he had this vision of providing a viable solution for an aging population which helps in freeing up their capital and ensuring an excellent retirement. He also was acutely aware of an impending housing crisis in the UK and how alternative housing like park homes could provide an excellent alternative of quality and affordability.

Wyldecrest Parks has recently been voted as a finalist for the Business of the Year award ( won the 2015 LondonlovesExcellence Retail & Property Business Award, is the only ISO 9001 accredited within its industry sector and is also the only with nationwide coverage in 24 counties across England, Scotland and Wales.


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