Do you know what the secret to success is?

The key to his quick rise came down to the work he put in – he was determined to show that he would work harder and longer than anyone else. He was full of ideas and in 2001 he started the business that may have made him the man he is today and invested in something that is second nature to a gypsy – caravans.

That year he purchased his first mobile home park in Romford – Lakeview Park – for £1.7million and the origins of Wyldecrest Parks were put in place. “My dad is the hardest working man I have ever met – he’s 72 years old and still works seven days a week,” Alfie says.

“So is my mum, she works five days a week as a cleaner and a gardener. “But the other thing that it has also done is – I look at them now – and I think I don’t want to be doing that at 72.

“Because, do you know what the secret to success is? Habit.

“Getting up in the morning, putting the time in, putting the effort in and making sure your habits are good habits. “If you don’t clean your teeth you get rotten teeth so a good habit is to clean your teeth. “It’s like being on time to an appointment. If you are regularly on time for an appointment you will become known for being punctual – that’s a great habit.

“That was something I worked out for myself over a period of time and realization. “One of the things I failed at in life is balancing your personal life with your business life. “I had to give so much to my business that it affects your personal life, affects your family and it affects your other half because you can’t give them the time that you’re entitled to.

“If somebody asked me how they should balance their life then you need to be supported by your family to understand the sacrifices you’re making for them to benefit.” (Excerpts from a interview to Essex Live)

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