Float like a Butterfly charity, Alfie helps raise £285,000

On Friday 19th October at the charity event- Float like a Butterfly  Ball,  Alfie Best helped raise ove£285,000  with the aim to aid Caudwell Children charity to transform the lives of disabled children. As part of the event, Alfie booked the Gold Table and donated a Caribbean Holiday for the auction.

Caudwell children are prominently involved in increasing awareness and understanding of the needs of disabled children across the UK. Its many activities include trying to ensure that all disabled children get access to the services, equipment, therapies, and treatments they need. It aims to enable disabled children to lead an active and independent life reaching their full potential.

Their new autism service provides assessment and support for children with Autism  Spectrum Disorder  (ASD) and their families. Autism rates are increasing exponentially and it is common knowledge that early diagnosis, support,  and research can help improve the quality of life of autistic children and their families.

Alfie feels privileged to be part of this endeavor and hopes that it will help provide significant and long-lasting positive impact on children and their families throughout the UK and has extended his support to be part of future Caudwell Children events as well.

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