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Alfie has been known to speak about his story, goals, and attitudes on business for a whole range of events and after dinner gatherings. He has also been speaking at business forums and entrepreneurial platforms promoting his no-nonsense approach and narrating the lessons he has learned through the up’s and downs of his career.

His leadership and entrepreneurship make him an authoritative industry leader on a wide variety of topics. He has built up a reputation of being a motivational speaker who speaks with passion and draws inspiration from his actual life experiences to share with the audience.

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Mentoring & Masterclass

Alfie believes that true and effective mentoring can only be achieved by someone who has seen it all. Alfie has risen from humble beginnings to being a multi-millionaire and a CEO of various successful companies.

Alfie Best is available to offer his mentoring service to interested candidates. He believes that a successful mentor-mentee relationship can make a huge difference to the success of the partnership. The mentee needs to have an understanding and respect for his mentor and the mentor, on the other hand, needs to take a complete interest in his mentee’s success.

Alfie offers a selection of workplace/ personal training options : Unlock your full potential

  • Leadership: Developing your presence, power and influence
  • Strategic thinking: Make better decisions
  • Confidence: Tackle your inner critic in work and life
  • Mastering mindfulness: Boost your resilience and control at work
  • Working relationships: How to succeed at work

Each member is on their own journey. You can learn on your own terms—in bite-size pieces or in a single binge.

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Some mentoring case-studies

Alfie Best is a very hands-on mentor. Over the one year that I spent with him with regular meetings at his office & occasional ones over coffee, I think has changed me as a person. Using the techniques which he has personally used along with his witty anecdotes and invaluable tips on widely diverse topics – its like getting years of consulting experience in just one.

It’s the closest thing to actually working for years and getting exposure to such a wide variety of experiences and topics.

Peter Russell

If mentoring was as useful and concise and just so much plain fun, I would have done it much sooner in my life. Where in after a few years in the automobile industry I was at odds on what the next steps in my career would be, this exclusive mentorship program with Alfie Best helped me understand where I was going wrong & what strategic decisions I needed to take. I would say what Alfie Best is to mentoring as Cartier is to jewels!

He draws on his years of experience of running a world-class organization and has powerful ways to approach & solve even the most intractable problems. As you enter the world of Alfie Best you learn inside secrets and leave with a knowledge which can prepare you to go from problem to solution for most situations in your life.

David Walton


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