Alfie believes that true and effective mentoring can only be achieved by someone who has seen it all. Alfie has risen from humble beginnings to being a multi-millionaire and a CEO of various successful companies.

Alfie Best at an event

Alfie Best is available to offer his mentoring service to interested candidates. He believes that a successful mentor-mentee relationship can make a huge difference to the success of the partnership. The mentee needs to have an understanding and respect for his mentor and the mentor, on the other hand, needs to take a complete interest in his mentee’s success.

In keeping with this belief, Alfie only works with a maximum of 10 applicants at any time.

For more details regarding his charges and schedule, please get in touch.

All applicants need to complete the below questionnaire after which they will be reviewed and considered.

We aim to respond to your interest in approximately 2 working weeks.


Q. A copy of your latest Resume

Q. What are you looking at achieving through this mentor-ship exercise

Q.What is your definition of success?

Q.What was your motivation for applying for this mentoring?

Some mentoring case-studies

Alfie Best is a very hands-on mentor. Over the one year that I spent with him with regular meetings at his office & occasional ones over coffee, I think has changed me as a person. Using the techniques which he has personally used along with his witty anecdotes and invaluiable tips on widely diverse topics – its like getting years of consulting experience in just one.

It’s the closest thing to actually working for years and getting exposure to such a wide variety of experiences and topics.

-Peter Bailey

If mentoring was as useful and concise and just so much plain fun, I would have done it much sooner in my life. Where in after a few years in the automobile industry I was at odds on what the next steps in my career would be, this exclusive mentorship program with Alfie Best helped me understand where I was going wrong & what strategic decisions I needed to take. I would say what Alfie Best is to mentoring as Cartier is to jewels!

He draws on his years of experience of running a world-class organization and has powerful ways to approach & solve even the most intractable problems. As you enter the world of Alfie Best you learn inside secrets and leave with a knowledge which can prepare you to go from problem to solution for most situations in your life.

-David Atkin