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I was born in a caravan on side of the road – now I’m UK’s richest gypsy set to become a BILLIONAIRE, says Alfie Best

THE name’s Bond… Gypsy Bond.

Britain’s richest gypsy Alfie Best has just spent an astonishing £4.5million on a helicopter designed by James Bond’s favourite car company, Aston Martin.

Just 15 have been made, and multi-millionaire Alfie has been given number 007.

When he took delivery of the seven-seater aircraft with the registration G-YPSE on the fuselage, Alfie was shaken and definitely stirred.

As he opened the door of the high-performance ACH130 chopper, on the tarmac at Oxford airport, he said: “It’s incredible – it’s a long way from my first-ever vehicle, a Ford Escort, which I sold for eleven hundred quid.

When the helicopter came from the Airbus factory it was a bit ‘army-fied’, all green and grey. But look at it now, after the guys from Aston Martin have done their thing. It’s phenomenal and the smell of brand-new leather is out of this world.

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